Councillor Darren Pearce said a decision should have already been made on the removal of level crossings in Bayswater.

He has called on the State Government to “honour” it’s commitment to Victorians in a Knox City Council meeting last week.

The State Government promised to remove 50 level crossings in the last election.

Government announced the first 17 level crossings to be removed today.

Bayswater’s Mountain Highway and Scoresby Road level crossings were not included in the first 17, but were on the list of 50 to be removed.

Spokesperson Bob Neilson for Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said said the removal of more level crossings would be announced in the next four years.

But he said planning had begun for all 50 sites.

Neilson said the Level Crossing Removal Authority established in February would speed up removal plans.

“The authority will be working closely with local councils, businesses and residents during the planning stages,” he said.

Knox City Council Mayor Peter Lockwood said the former government’s plan to remove Bayswater level crossings and rail yard was “dodgy”.

He said the design did not completely remove the level crossings or rail yard.

Mayor Lockwood said the project was not “worth doing” if the level crossings and rail yard were not fully removed.

“We made the point we want it done properly rather than quickly,” he said.

Councillor Adam Gill said it was an “extremely poor outcome” the project was not delivered after being “promised” nine years ago.

But he said he did not want to see it built “tomorrow” with a “poor design outcome”.

Cr Gill said the rail yard removal would allow commuters to park on the other side of the rail line.

He said car parking in Bayswater was a “major” issue.

The railway line and station will be moved underground and the rail yard will be relocated when the Bayswater grade separation project goes ahead.

Council said it was important the grade separation project supported it’s future plan for Bayswater as a “vibrant” and “attractive” community hub.

Councillor John Mortimore said Bayswater needed this grade separation and it was not just a “nice to have” project.

Knox Sustainable Transport Planner Melissa Sparrow said it is important the design is “future proofed”.

“It is unlikely we will see this type of investment in Bayswater again for many decades,” she said.