Moreland City Council will pressure the State Government to exempt community groups from paying for a license to generate and sell electricity.

Council voted to write a letter to Victorian Minister for Industry, Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio during a meeting last month.

The Moreland Community Solar Project would be easier to get up and running if community groups were freed from paying for the costly license.

Residents will be able to invest in community owned roof-top solar rather than pay for solar panels on their own roof under the initiative.

The energy developed will be sold to the business hosting the panels and profits will go to investors.

Moreland Energy Foundation’s Kristen Woods said community solar is a new idea, but barriers in Victoria are preventing it from being implemented.

But Woods said she is hopeful the State Government will grant the Moreland project an exemption from the license.

“The State Government is open to working with us,” she said.

The Federal Government banned the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in small scale solar technology last month.

And Australia’s 2020 renewable energy target was cut by 20 per cent.

Climate Action Moreland member Andrea Bunting said it was appalling Tony Abbott was supporting the coal industry.

“He is supporting a few players in coal at the expense of our future,” she said.

Federal Member for Wills Kelvin Thomson said the Federal Government’s attitude towards renewable energy was “backward”.

“The rest of the world is embracing renewable energy technologies and we risk being left behind.”

“You know your credibility on climate change is in trouble when a group of senior British Conservatives say Tony Abbott’s attitude is ‘eccentric’, ‘baffling’ and ‘flat earther’,” Thomson said.