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A second horse in two days has been put down at the Warrnambool jumps racing event.

Nine-year-old Tuscan Fire, was euthanised after it injured its leg during the 3,200-metre Galleywood Hurdle today.

Yesterday seven-year-old gelding Cliff’s Dream, was euthanised after fracturing its knee in a race.

Racing Victoria said, the horse racing industry is working to make jumps events safer in the state.

The organisation said the incidents will be investigated by the Jumps Review panel.

Anti-jumps racing advocates have made a renewed push for the sport to be banned following the deaths.

“We’re calling for this ban because jumps racing cannot operate without animal cruelty,” said Ward Young, Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Communications Manager.
“Jumps racing is a cruel sport which has outlived its social license,” Young said.

Yesterday’s deaths were the first fatal incidents of this year’s jumps racing season and the first at the Warrnambool races since 2011.

Victoria and South Australia are the only states in Australia to hold jumps races.
Racing Victoria said it has improved the safety of jumps races in recent years.

“The jumps racing industry can work to improve the safety of the sport as much as it wants to, but it is the equivalent of trying to bail out water from a sinking ship,” Young said.

Two horses died from jumps races in Victoria last year.

Image credit: The Courier Mail