First published with The Courier –

Comedian Cal Wilson can take whatever comes her way.

Even airborne deep fried chicken.

At her worst gig ever, Wilson was hit with flying chicken drumsticks.

She’s hoping she won’t meet the same reception at BallaRatCat this Friday.

“It was a short gig,” she says of one of her early gigs in Christchurch.

“We had been hired to block the workers from the bar and people were angry at being cut off.

“They were swearing at us, but once the chicken started flying we ‘thought, yeah, it’s time to go’.”

Every day life figures as comedy fodder for Wilson, who doesn’t mind getting personal.

The other day she had a mammogram.

“It was such a weird experience to have,” Wilson says.

“I guess whenever you are uncomfortable as a comedian you are always looking for the funny side of it.

“Things that strike me as weird or funny or awful are all good jumping off points for my comedy.”

But sometimes it takes looking back on an experience to realise it could be used in her show.

“It’s never good when you’ve had a car accident for someone else to say, ‘oh you can put that in your act’,” she says.

“It’s like ‘no no, give me the sympathy now and we can talk about the funny stuff later’.”

She spends time preparing her shows on paper.

“I learn it and when I’m on stage I discover the way it is supposed to be said.

“You can prepare but you don’t know how it’s going to go until you’re in front of an audience.”

It’s that feeling, she explains, that creates the thrill of comedy.

“It’s scary, it’s exhilarating.

“You get instant gratification from people laughing.

“I love the way comedians can bring a room full of people together.

“It’s lovely to walk out after a show with that feeling like you’ve had too much oxygen from laughing so much.”

And she believes it’s important to bring the laughter to regional cities like Ballarat.

“I think every place should have comedy especially when times are dark.

“It’s great to be able to go somewhere to forget for an hour and just laugh.”

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