First published with The Courier –

Ballarat’s 19-year-old  Connor Fisher is dancing his way to success. He will be performing in Melbourne City Youth Ballet’s production Coppelia next month.

“For me, performing is an addictive thing,” he said.

“Once you start, it’s like, ‘this is what I’m here for, this is living’.”

But it can be trying. Connor spends eight hours a day, five days a week training for the elites program at the Melbourne City Youth Ballet and Sundays rehearsing for Coppelia.

“It is challenging, it’s hard, but that’s what makes it fun,” he said.

“I don’t want to do something easy. I want to do something where I get pushed.

“There are days I am so sore I don’t want to do it. But I know I have to keep pushing.”

Connor has come a long way in the four years since he began dancing.

Before the beginning of his dancing journey he was pushed to attend a class with his sister which he initially had no interest in joining.

“I totally didn’t want to go. But the moment I came out of class I knew dance was something I wanted to do.”