First published with Sunny Side Adventures –

Recommended tracks for scenic views from your 4WD: 

  • Goats Track
  • Victoria Range Road

*Note: check track notes with Parks Vic for road closures

Expect beautiful scenic views of the Southern Grampians from Goats Track and Victoria Range Road, tracks accessible for any stock 4WD.


We took Red Rock Rd from the Northern Grampians on the way to Goats Track. It’s worth the drive down this road which is true to it’s name.

Red Rock Road, Grampians

There are some steep rocky sections to these tracks which lead to stunning scenic views of the Grampians mountain ranges. Prepare for a rocky ride!

This made us laugh – who puts a speed hump sign on a 4WD track?!

Stop mid-way through Victoria Range Road. You’ll see a sandy square section to the side of the road, beside tall rock boulders.


Climb up the rock slabs here for a breath-taking view of the mountain range.


Allow a couple of hours to do both tracks.