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Total distance: 9km

Time: 3-4 hours

Start/Finish: Rosea Car-park

Views of mountain ranges for almost the entirety of the second half of this hike make Mt Rosea stand out from the rest. Walking across rocky slabs and under overhangs is exciting, before reaching the very edge of the cliff at the summit. Mt Rosea is a moderately hard 4.5km walk to the summit, made difficult by rock scrambling at times.



Track description

The walk begins with a shady incline on a sandy path through forrest for 1.36km. It gets a little rockier as you progress.


Soon you will be walking across open rocky slabs before it becomes steeper, requiring slight climbing at times. It’s quite exhilerating really, scrambling over rocks and walking through cave like structures.

The views are spectacular for almost the entirety of the rocky section. It is stunning at the summit where you can walk to the edge of the fenced cliff face.


Pay attention to the yellow markers on the rock slabs. It can be difficult to find the path at times, particularly on your way back down the mountain.

Mt Rosea is a walk well worth the 3 hour trek for spectacular views and unique rock slabs.