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Feature image: Dylan Burns

A roundabout at the notoriously dangerous intersection near the Farmers Arms Hotel in Daylesford is set to be completed in September.

Construction of the $1.3 million upgrade will begin at the intersection of Midland Highway, Daylesford–Trentham Road and East Street in late May, after plans to being works last summer were delayed.

Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas has announced Negri Contractors will build the new roundabout which aims to boost safety and access for motorists.

“I’m pleased to see this project moving forward with construction set to begin shortly – the completion of this project cannot happen soon enough,” she said.

“The Daylesford community has raised this with me on multiple occasions, as have patrons and staff at the Farmers Arms who see first-hand, incidents and near misses happen too frequently at this intersection.

“Thousands of tourists and locals travel through this major entry point to Daylesford and this upgrade will simplify the intersection and make it safer for both residents and visitors”.

CRASH SITE: There have been five serious crashes at the intersection of Midland Highway, Daylesford–Trentham Road and East Street over the last five years. Picture: Dylan Burns.

There have been five serious crashes at the intersection over the last five years.

The state government funded project will focus on slowing approaching traffic, improving visibility and simplifying the road layout to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes.

The long-awaited roundabout will also cater for increasing tourist traffic as the region’s popularity continues to grow.

A local worker who did not wish to be named said she has had concerns about the intersection for years.

“It is a seriously dangerous intersection and there can be enormous amounts of traffic banked up at times,” she said.

About 2600 vehicles pass through the intersection each day.

VicRoads Regional Director Ewen Nevett said slowing traffic at the intersection will benefit locals and visitors.

“The roundabout is going to improve safety at this busy intersection where two arterial roads meet with local roads,” he said.

“Given homes, shops and a hotel are also in this area, slowing traffic at this location will benefit locals and visitors alike.”

ROUNDABOUT: Construction of the roundabout is set to begin in late May and be completed in September. Picture: Dylan Burns.

Construction of the roundabout from late May to September may cause traffic delays. Reduced speed limits and traffic management will be in place during the works.